Pastured Beef

​We raise our beef outside on pasture their entire lives and our goal is always well marbled, tender, flavorful meat.  We do not use growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Individual CutsComing 2018!!

Hamburger and various Steaks

Whole or half beef, pasture raisedSorry, Currently Sold out for 2018.

A half of beef hanging weight is approximately 300 lbs.  Hanging weight, also known as dressed weight or carcass weight, is what you get when you remove the parts that are inedible like the hide, feet, head, and the innards. On average a half of beef would yield approximately 200 lbs. of take home meat.  When you buy a whole or half of beef, you get to decide how the beef is cut and packaged.             

$3.25 /lb. hanging weight (paid to us) plus processing: $.62/ lb hanging weight and $35 kill fee for half (paid to the butcher).  

Example price for half:

  300 x $  3.25                  =     $975   (for beef, paid to Iron Hoof Farm)                   
  300 x $.62     +   $35     =     $221   (for processing paid to butcher) 

  Total                                   $1,196    /   200 (approx. lbs. steaks, roasts, ground beef)   =    $5.98 / lb (assorted cuts)

We utilize E & M Custom Meats in Rome, NY as our processor 315-533-6921.  The butcher will help you decide how you would like the meat cut up.  You will need to pick up your order directly from the butcher. 

We require a $100 non-refundable deposit to place an order. It will be deducted from your final balance.  

To order or if you have questions, call or txt David @ 315-371-7140.

Pastured Poultry

Try our fresh pasture raised poultry. These birds lived their lives on our pasture, in sunlight and were free to forage. It has the great taste that you can only get from pastured poultry. Whole chickens average 5-6 lbs. We also offer half chickens which average 2-3 lbs . Now only $3.25/lb while remaining stock lasts. Pick up on the farm or at the winter Fayetteville Farmers Market CNY, every other Saturday starting Nov 11, 10:00am - 1:00pm.